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Dijon to follow…..

November 8, 2014

Catch up time: Anglesey

November 8, 2014

It is wet and miserable out, so time to try and bring this up to date.

After Rockingham I had 4 race finishes of which 3 went without incident and yielded 3 top 6 results …. so a good start and seemed to me that it confirmed that my softening of the car at the start of the year was definitely the right thing to have done.  So I began to think  maybe I should take another step down with both front and rear springs to see what would happen.  You can theorise as much as you like, but you never really know until you try it.  My wheel frequencies were still pretty high so I reckoned the late, great Allan Staniforth would not argue against going a bit lower.  So I booked a Wednesday morning at Mallory and tried 25 lb/in softer on the front and the same on the rear.   First run into gerards and turn in was amazing . .surely the best I had ever experienced.  And no waiting for understeer mid corner, I could get on it very early.  But the rear was a different story.  It felt very wallowy.  Lap times were just under 49s so nearly 1.5 sec slower than March test … so clearly not a major step forward overall, certainly with the rear as it was.  So I stiffened up the rear dampers a couple of clicks (single adjustables) and tried again.  This time the back end was really lively and loose in both Gerards and the Esses.  Hmmm … so back a click and she was back to being wallowy.  Of course I have no rear ARB on the BDN.  So essentially all roll resistance is coming from the springs.  Conclusion: Use Anglesey test day to see if I could leave the front soft as per test and keep turn in performance but stiffen the rear back up to the poundage I had used all season.  So off to Anglesey then.

2014-07-25 18.59.08





Anglesey was a long time ago now but we were really looking forward to it as, not only is it the best location for a race track in the UK, but both girls and their respective fiancés were with us for the weekend  …. and it was Mandy’s birthday weekend as well, plus an RGB BBQ.  So off we went Thursday afternoon for a test day on Friday and then 2 days of racing.  The test day was interesting.  It featured a leaky brake fluid reservoir which later turned out to be because of a failed seal in the cap.   But not before this amazing piece of pit crew work following a mod to stop it leaking.

Lap times were better than 2012, our last visit, but not where I was hoping and Church was proving to be the major obstacle to faster times.  In the end I decided to change the front springs back to where they had been all season as well.  Scrutineering was open on friday afternoon, which was a big step forward by the club and eliminated the panics we had all experienced at Rockingham where scrutineering was very late.  So after an evening walk around the track, a bit of rock pool messing about and al fresco dining, we were nearly ready to go.  Richard arrived about midnight after working on Friday and Roger arrived early Saturday morning, so then we really were ready to go.

Qualification felt rubbish.  I really struggled and my times showed it.  Ended up 12th and 10th on the grid … with Olly and Tony way up in front of me and Tim and Adrian also out qualifying me for race 1.  Hmmmm.    Some mid day distraction was provided by Bob who was changing his springs but managed to lose a part of his damper while wandering about the paddock  …. so we all ended up scouring the pits for it.  Like a contact lens hunt.  Eventually Heather spotted it nestled under someone’s trailer.  Race 1 featured a really poor start and first few corners until I settled down 4 places worse than I had started!  So I must have dropped to 16th.  However, Tim helped out by leaping off the track on the exit of rocket 2 and after that it was a fun drive as I picked folks off (or in Dave’s case he leapt out of the way when Adrian gave him a bit of a surprise mid corner).  Adrian was having a good drive in 9th place until I finally caught him up a few laps before the finish and got a better exit off the banking to nip past going into Church.   So I ended up 9th but way behind Tony and Olly.  Colin Spicer had his first ever win in class F which is always great to see.

Everyone enjoyed the annual marshals BBQ at Rockingham so we decided to organise another one Saturday evening, just for the hell of it.  The glorious weather deserted us though and we had to move everything under the famous Anglesey tin roof.

2014-07-26 19.32.43

Sunday started well, but rapidly went down hill!  Soon after Mandy’s 27th birthday  breakfast in the sunshine, I decided to try a step change in car set up to see if i could get a better front end grip around Church .. and I talked myself into removing the rear gurney.  Ooops.  Won’t do that again.  The race went off and I got a better start but as soon as I reached the first corner I knew I had made a mistake!  I scrabbled around, just about, and was reasonably well up after Al had an excursion and a few other bits …. The back end was all over the place though and  the short story is that I spun next time around at the first corner  .. dropped way back and spun again trying to recover.  So a glorious 21st place finish.  I think my worst result for many years.  I did think about pulling in as the car was so loose and I was a bit worried about sticking it into something hard, but decided to trail slowly around and take 2 points rather than pull out.  Oh well .. you never learn without making mistakes.  The good news was that Bob’s modifications to his BDN were making a very positive impact on his lap times and results …. he had replicated the rear cover changes I made plus taken a step ahead of me by trying a different shape front cover, though that still needed a bit  more sorting out  to make sure cooling was not affected.

Overall another great weekend at our favourite location.  But it wasn’t over.  Mandy and Rich headed back home to Birmingham in their car while Michelle, Aniket, Dominique and I trundled off down the A55 and M56 across to the M6, but after ages stationary just east of Chester we turned back and headed off south on the A41 just to get moving.  About 6.30 pm, nine miles south of Chester the fan belt turned into spaghetti and we were stranded – no spare on board.  Without boring everyone, the consequences were: i) we were still there 5 hours later; ii) we were back in Chester by 2 am; iii) Mandy had to leave her chinese takeaway in Birmingham (having just got there) and drive all the way back up to Chester to pick up Michelle and Aniket; iv)  we left the RAC in disgust after 25 years of membership —  they charged us over £500 to move the motorhome 9 miles .. after quoting a figure of half that amount … all because the small print said our (very short) motorhome was 12 inches too long.  We also now carry a spare fan belt on board…..

2014-07-27 23.43.53


August 18, 2014

I had to miss Snetterton due to a clash with a badly timed but unmissable wedding so Rockingham was next for our first RGB Championship visit.  I had been just once before, for a track day with a friend in the Caterham, so at least I knew broadly where the track went, but I decided to test on the day before anyway.

Testing went Ok and was spent trying a few different size Gurneys on the back.  I was hoping I could achieve sufficient rear downforce with a smaller gurney and maybe see some drag reduction as a result.  In the end I decided the answer was yes, but it was mainly based on how my backside felt in terms of rear grip and just hoping that nearly halving the ht of the flap (27mm down to 16mm) was bound to have some benefit in drag reduction.  The other outcome of the day was that I started to enjoy the circuit.  I was a bit sceptical of the nadgery infield and then the walled banking at first, but once I got a feel for it, the flow of corners was actually great.

Probably the most interesting event of the day was our attempt to get Dominos to deliver Pizza to our garage that night.  We had seen a Dominos just outside the circuit and ordered for Tim and Anthea as well as ourselves.  To garage 29 please.   2 hours and 4 phone calls later .. .still no  Pizza.  It turned out they had come 3 times and security had not let them in so they had returned to base, but they did not tell us that was the problem.  In the end I agreed to rendezvous with them at the gate and cycled up there in the rain, wearing Dominique’s kagoul (very tight), to the main gate … which was miles away.  After negotiating my way past the nice man who wanted to insist I wore a high vis vest in the tunnel, I finally got to the gate and explained to the other nice man on the gate that carrying 3 boxes of Pizza on Dom’s bike, trussed up in her kagoul, in very wet rain, was not very  ….. safe .. .especially as we had a big 2l bottle of coke as well and no room in the kagoul to slip it up there.  In the end they security guard took pity on my hunger pangs and offered to drive the pizza to our garage himself .. Domino’s delivery man was then sent home having safely made his delivery on the 4th attempt!  The Pizza was free in the end.

Anyway, back to RGB.  Qualifying went OK with a 9th on sat and an 8th on Sunday on the grid, just behind Olly (how did he get that quick that quick??) on Saturday and just in front of him on Sunday.  Tony was just behind me so that was an achievement but David and Duncan were considerably quicker so I had 5 or 6 Spires in front of me, plus Scott and Paul.   Race 1 start was just Ok in that I kept order, no  gains, no losses.  Olly made a great start but after corner 1 was just in front of me again.  It was a good race after that.  I pulled Olly in after his lightening first few laps and managed to overtake him on the inside at the furthest point on the track.  Then got my head down and pulled away to get clear in 8th before mishaps in front for Duncan and Paul in the latter half of the race got me promoted to 6th by the finish.

Best lap was 1.2s quicker than qualifying and less than a second slower than David’s best lap in his Spire …. so a continuation of the improvement in the car. So after the disaster of 2 non finishes at Silverstone and missing Snetterton, that made 3 race finishes now for the year, with a 5th and two 6th places.  Not a bad improvement over 2013.

Saturday night we held our annual Marshal’s BBQ to say thanks to all the folks that make racing possible – Marshals, Scrutineers and Club officials.  It was a great evening with a massive RGB turnout and lots of new faces though probably the lowest number of marshals we have seen in recent years …. mainly due to the clash with the GP at Silverstone.

Race 2 I kept the car unchanged and  lined up 8th.  Although my start was pretty naff, everyone else’s was too . .so to my surprise i jumped to 5th by corner 1 but then messed up the entry to corner 2 and had David, Olly and Paul all stream back past me, then Duncan immediately after .. bummer.  Olly immediately over cooked it into turn 3 so that put me back in 8th, where I started a few seconds ago!  The race was then to keep David and Duncan in sight.  I could not haul them in but they were not dissapearing over the horizon either so it was a matter of focus and was an enjoyable drive with nobody really snapping at my heals until about 11 mins and 40 secs in ….. when something went really crazy on the banking .. with the wall suddenly appearing to be a lot closer than it had felt milliseconds before!  I managed to calm it all down but was not really sure what had happened and thought i may have dropped my own fluids as I had not seen any oil on track and there were no flags.  That impression was confirmed a lap or so later when I spun for seemingly no reason coming onto the banking.  That let Tony and Olly by but nobody else was close.  I had no worrying oil or water readings and with 2 non finishes at Silverstone, I did not want another single point, so decided to risk keeping going but cruise home for the couple of remaining laps rather than retire.

The wobbles on the banking at 120 mph had no doubt put me in conservative mood.  David Watson caught me up on the last lap so I waved him past, which confused him a bit as he then nearly stopped in front of me .. must have misinterpreted my wave??  Anyway – he was en route to his first class win so he had a brilliant race.  We got back to parc ferme and I jumped out and started looking for a leeky oil or water radiator or some leak .. but found nothing.  Then it became apparent that I was not the only one who had a moment on the banking and it transpired that Tim had probably dropped some oil …. might have known!  So the good news was that I did not end up in the wall and I did not have a problem with the car … but it cost me 2-3 places.  Still, overall a good weekend and aside from the oil and subsequent engine change, Tim H had made a solid debut in his new Sabre .  Next my favourite place to go racing in the UK .. a summer weekend at Anglesey.

Silverstone – Disaster .. no major damage .. but pebbles galore

June 20, 2014

Ooops .. after more than 10 full seasons in RGB, I finally had my first weekend with 2 DNFs.  Let’s hope it is another 10 years before it happens again.

After a great start at Donington, I was concerned that the National circuit would be disadvantageous because it is basically 3 straights with “join them up corners”  and we are still suffering in terms of relative drag.  Still, I was looking forward to it and we had a lot of friends coming for what should be a busy day with both races and qualy all on Saturday.

Testing on Friday was ticking along nicely with the main objective being to address the lift we were seeing in the rear cover.  Video showed it rising about an inch in the middle … which if the spring balance was used to create the same effect, requires a significant force.  Is this lift caused by the air flow over the sloping portion of the cover, or air pressure under the cover?  Anyway, testing and all these esoteric questions were cut short immediately after lunch by  a sudden loss of power and matching gain in decibels.  The first weld in the header to cylinder no 1 had failed all the way around on the new exhaust system.  B*gg*r.

2014-05-02 16.22.43

So the rest of the day was spent removing the exhaust (the BDN is very compact .. one of the several reasons i liked it) which is a laborious process given the tight fit.    Tim G then kindly welded the 2 bits back together . .see photo .. .. and by early evening I had the car ready to go again and all set up for scrutineering and qualy on Saturday.

Saturday was busy because Dom arrived with Gerald and Veronica.  Gerald is a friend in the village with a small but well equipped machine shop and he has helped me out many times over the years with little clever bits for both the Fury and more recently the BDN.  Roger, Rob, Andrew and Dave were also all coming along, so Dom was looking at bacon rolls for 8 on Saturday!  It turned out great weather and qual went smoothly with 8th and 9th on the grid as a result.  All very close though.  The sun was out and the bacon rolls were great .. so we all wandered over to watch Tim G destroy the opposition in Bikesports now he had tyres sorted out on his car.  All was calm and relaxed … for a bit.

The race had a dramatic first half lap with Duncan and Paul coming together at Copse and flying off in every direction …. everyone recovered though without damage but it allowed David to storm through from behind me as he did not have to lift as much as those of us closer to the spinning and the 2 in front  (Matt and John) had got away from everyone else.  Duncan regained the track and inadvertently came across me forcing me to lift (that got me excited).   So after half a lap I was in about 5th with Duncan snapping at my rear and David just in front and Scott, Matt and John away.  The car was handling well around Copse – much improved on last time we were here.  Duncan made a good pass into Brooklands after a couple of laps of close running and made a clean escape to play with David.  Paul came past in a smooth recovery drive after his first lap fun and drove brilliantly to nearly catch up Scott who as also flying in his new car after struggling a bit at Donington.  Al was next to demote me .. getting too much of a habit … but then I managed to hold station and keep Tony back at a constant 50 to 100 m gap until suddenly I lost power and gained decibels again. Race over with only a couple of minutes to go.  It  had been a fun race up till then too and keeping Tony behind for a change had been a real challenge.

Anyway – back into the garages and the fun really started.  We had both races just a couple of hours apart so i was not sure we could get the repairs done in time.  But the bacon butty fuelled team managed to get the offending header out (no 1 again .. but the next weld) in record time.  Tim G was fantastic.  Warned before his second bikesports race, we had the header out just as he came over the line to win his second race of the day.  Back he comes to the garage after doing the podium chat and jumps out of the car, grabs his welding kit and within minutes we have a welded up header again.   Thank you Mr Gray.  It is a race against time to get the header back in the tiny space, heat shields, ducts, sidepods and bulkheads all back on and she fired up without any blowing first time.  Seat goes in as my kit goes back on and we are off to assembly with 3-4 minutes to spare before we are waved onto the track.  In hindsight this was the best bit of the weekend — fabulous teamwork by everyone and a real result to get back on track in time for race 2.

So what happened then?  It was a great race for the first 4 laps, with Al, Tony and David.  The Al pulled off having filled us all in with some yucky fluid that he really should have been using in his engine.  Tony and Dsavid came past and it settled into a lonely racce as I could not match their pace .. … until one John C, recovering from a spin while leading on lap 1,  arrived on the scene and gave me a very gently peck on the bum as I was turning in to Beckets …. .  that was it .. in to the kitty litter ,end of race and 7 weeks later I am still finding stones hidden in nooks and crannies despite hours searching them all out.  So 2 DNFs but the racing was good while it lasted and the race to get back on the line for the second race was a real hoot.  Thanks to Tim G, Rog, Rob, Andrew and Dave as well as Gerald and Veronica and of course Dominique for making it all happen.

We miss Snetterton due to a badly timed but not to be missed wedding .. so Rockingham next.

Donington – rounds 1 and 2

June 20, 2014

No testing possible on the day before so we arrived Friday night and fed ourselves then wandered around saying hello and meeting some of the new guys that have joined us this year.  Roger arrived early as usual and was followed by Rob as well as Mandy and Rich so we had a full team for the weekend … though Mandy was partly there because it was Mother’s day and then my birthday the day after .. .. but it was great to have a full contingent.

Testing at Mallory had confirmed the improvement with softer suspension but getting through Craner without bottoming out on the rears was a bit of a question mark.  It was no problem in qualifying though and I ended up 8th on the grid for both races, with 6 Spires and Paul’s Contour in front of me.   The car felt great.

It ended up being a red flag weekend, with both our races needing red flags so we ended up having re-starts in both, with cars overheating and not re-starting properly and both race results ended up coming from 4 or 5 lap sprints.  That was a shame, especially given we had 5 new drivers out plus Richard Wise making a (brief?) RGB comeback, but it was great to meet all the new guys.   Amazingly only 1 of the latest RGB recruits has gone front engined, which is a surprise given that a Fury / Pheonix / MK / Westy etc are much cheaper to pick up second hand and are easier cars to master than rear engined cars if you are reasonably new to racing … plus the competition in front engined is great and probably closer than we get in the rear engined class.

Anyway – my starts went pretty well all weekend so I did not mind the red flags from that point of view!  Race 1 I got off the line Ok and leapfrogged Duncan who was going well in his new Spire and Matt I think, who fluffed his start from row 1.  So I was in 6th through Craners on the opening lap with Duncan all over my rear by the chicane first time around and trying to sneak inside, but it was a bit optimistic and we kissed but both got through.   I pulled a  gap on Duncan then and it was the black shape of Andy Hiley that emerged behind me and closed rapidly after carrying massive speed through Craners then got past me at the chicane, only for an immediate black flag so Andy lost the overtake on count back to the last full lap and i ended up 7th on the grid for the restart. [Oh yes, Matt recovered and went past me so fast I completely forgot him].  The restart was a mess, with no one really certain if it was real or not when the lights acted a bit weird.  I was slow away and Andy popped ahead, Matt stalled and Al was in the pit lane after doing something really silly!!  The race was pretty lonely after getting away in 6th after Paul stalled, but then Andy blew up on lap one so I was up to 5th and it was pretty lonely until the last lap, when Al caught me in a great recovery drive from the pit lane  and drove away, only for me to take him again going into Redgate .. before i realised I had missed the chequered flag …. bit embarrassing!!  So 6th in the first race of the season was a pretty good start and my fastest lap time appeared to be about a second a lap off of David’s .. as opposed to 2 sec a lap last year .. so maybe that was a good measure of some progress with the changes we had made over the winter?  Here is the first part before the red flag.

As it was a bit of a treat having Mandy and Rich about, we went out for a meal at a local pub Saturday night and race 2 on Sunday was trumped by Rich telling me (he said asking but he meant telling) that he planned to ask Mandy for her hand in marriage …. but not a word to Mandy  ….. so that got the day off to a great start and it was difficult to keep a big grin off my face all day.  Race 2 itself was marred by another red flag when David, Richard Wise and Tony got involved early on.  It put Tony and Richard out.  The restart from 6th was crazy with Paul and Jonathan  getting away very slowly and I went in between, only for Paul to come over because Matt i think had stalled and Paul had to dodge him … so I had to back out but still ended up 3rd into redgate somehow … probably the highest I had ever been (after spending most of my time in RGB in class C) but it only lasted half a lap as Paul got through then over the next 2 laps first Al and then David got past so I was in 6th.  That is where it finished until David was excluded as a result of the incident that led to the red flag.  So I was awarded 5th, but it was not a great way to get an extra place.  Still,  two good points scores felt like a great start to the season and with 3 week trip to China to see Michelle starting the next day, it was a major relief to have the car in 1 piece to take home with all the changes seemingly having worked well.






Pre season 2014

June 19, 2014

England play Uruguay in 2 hours time to stay in the World Cup ….. so naturally the world is catching it’s collective breath ….  seems like a good time to catch up on 2014.

Winter:  The main question for the winter was do we freeze the rear end bodywork design or not.  Answer = not.  Reason being we reckon we are down 4s a lap down on the quick cars/quickest drivers in RGB, but probably about 2 s a lap down on the quick cars if we roughly normalise for talent level, so freezing that disadvantage in (assuming much of it is aero/body related) seemed daft .. so keep experimenting was the decision.

Given stability and downforce in faster corners was much improved (about 10 mph better at apex on Craners and similar corners) but the downside was drag and loss of 5 mph on straights ….  then a lower drag version was top of mind .. so out went the wing profile curved rear spoiler, off came the sharp corners of the wheel arches and the hoped for result would be much improved air access to the rear bodywork resulting in no loss of downforce but reduced drag from a flatter profile.


the one with the most shiny surfaces wins









Mid point

2014-02-05 15.12.54 2014-02-06 15.05.32 2014-02-08 19.15.31









2014-03-02 23.49.08









The path of the wheel arch c.s.area into air is now much flatter and open.  A test day at Donington showed no loss of performance at Craners but it was debatable whether we won much on drag .. certainly no penalty.   Next step was to change the wheel rates to more in line with my previous experience on the Fury (go softer) and see if the dive problems at the front under braking and floaty rear end were still evident.  A morning at mallory proved perfect behaviour and lap times about 1.5s better than anything seen before ….. so a success.   Of course all the normal end of season stuff also got done (chassis inspection, crack testing, new plugs, etc., etc., etc.).   The car might still look a bit of a donkey with a mismatched arse, but it was ready for the first round at Donington.

Oh well … England now as good as out of World Cup ….  at least this demonstrated a consistent trend over my whole adult life …. England becoming a steadily less important performer at global level except in the pansy stakes .. in which our players have gradually improved their ability to dive in preference to staying vertical whenever another player comes within 3-4 feet  …. and now  we are getting stronger in the dive with agonised face (oh god …. our ‘Enry just decked me) stakes and surely we should achieve semi finalist status within another couple of world cups .. .maybe by Qatar? What’s this got to do with RGB?  Donington and Silverstone updates coming soon!



Ooops … that was 7 months ago!

February 25, 2014

So the hibernation period needs to end …. just spent a few minutes reading Bob and Tim’s blogs and then a mild urge to update mine hit me .. not sure it will last but here we go.

After Donington came Silverstone; our traditional august bank holiday visit but this time to the new International circuit and the new wing.  Major plans beforehand were: i) a test day all the way over at Snet (with David and Neil C-B coming over to help) to firm up on the back cover design – but that turned out to be a day dedicated to searching for the cause of the misfire instead.  Even with Tim’s spare crank posn sensor, spare cam sensors and loads more sensors to try, we could not suss it out.  The fault codes were most often showing a problem with the crank posn sensor, but it wasn’t that or the connector .. .may have been the wiring in that area though.  So limited benefit from testing point of view but led directly to major change no. ii) completely new loom!  We could not figure out any other cause of this misfire than a dodgy wire buried somewhere in the loom – so off to ebay and within a few days a standard loom comes flying over from the US and I start pulling it apart and with a bit of help from Rog, new loom goes on.

New loom coming together

Change iii) Changing to 13″ wheels on the front as well.  That meant changing the track rod ends and also Brian knocking up a pair of shorter track rods for me.

And last change for Silverstone was to try flattening the tips of the wheel arches and eliminate the fall off that may be contributing to lift.  So the rear end was now even heavier as I added more foam inserts and extra shiny new aluminium!

the one with the most shiny surfaces wins

And after all that: Qualified 7th; finished 8th in race 1; but then the engine gave way going to the line in race 2 – turned out it was my first experience of the dreaded 08 blade crankshaft gear stripping problem … all the primary drive teeth were reduced to grinding paste so drive just went about 100 yds before the start line as we lined up for the grid.  End of weekend.  The good news though was that there was no hint of a misfire all weekend!  Conclusion on the change to 13s at the front?  probably just “OK”.  Not the step change improvement I felt when we went 15 to 13 on the rear, but the decision was justified when I went to see George Polley to replace the first pair of tyres later in the year … much cheaper!  Some data indicated that the flattened wheel arches had maybe reduced drag slightly .. but nothing I could feel in terms of performance improvement and my terminal speed down the hangar straight was not impressive relative to many .. .so more to do.

September we were back to Donington again, this time with my spare engine fitted.  This was the engine that was part funded by AB Performance for placing highest 919 home in 2011 – my last year in the Fury, bless her! I did not intend to use qualification as a motor running in session as it was not really necessary, but it seemed to look that way – qualifying in 15th and 17th place on the grid.  Luckily I made 2 storming starts and ended up 8th in race 1 and 9th in race 2.  Both races were great fun for the first half and a bit lonely for the second half as I could still not live with Tony or David’s pace.

As I am in catch up more I am going to cheat and not upload all the videos here.  So see

for all the videos of these last 2 meetings and the remaining championship round at Cadwell as well as the Birkett.   Cadwell was a bit of a washout after torrential rain all weekend so we ended up with only 1 race which was started with the grid in championship order.  Amazingly it dried out for it!  I was running in 4th overall with no one in sight after 3-4 laps and sadly sort of went to sleep .. .. David had dropped out right in front of me when his engine replicated my problem at Silverstone … Scott / Matt / Al were out of touch in front .. then me … then big gap …. but then I realised I was being closed down at a crazy rate by Danny making a storming run from the back of the grid.  ooops.  So I shouted at myself and got going a bit better such that Danny stayed at a similar gap for 2-3 laps and could not close me down … so thought I had stopped the rot  … only to then make the same mistake 2 laps running at Mansfield and overshoot both times … must fix the brake bias ….  I got way with it first time at the cost of a much smaller gap .. but the second time Danny just drove through .. then drove gratefully off into the distance .. maybe not just the brake bias then.  Although that was a bit of a bummer …… 5th was still my best result of the year .. and I ended up 7th in the class championship.  Last catch up for 2013 was the Birkett – once again as part of RGB’Argy.  Brilliant day .. we thought we were in with a shot as a class win for a while but it slipped away . .the overall race was fabulous with Tim/John/Al and JT very close to winning on scratch only to be pushed back with a 10s penalty for overtaking on yellow.  But Adrian’s Sabre had a good outing despite only being finished with his engine conversion just in time.   And Charlie, David, myself, Ed, Adrian and Dan all ran like clockwork  .. very abnormal for a 6hr race.  We ended up 14th of 70 teams.

Enough catching up … that’s a bit bare bones but has cleared the decks …. now on to 2014.